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Miss Tourism Venezuela 2015

NAME: Karen Aliberti
INTERESTS: Playing the guitar, listening to music and spending time with family & friends
AMBITION IN LIFE: To finish my studies and to also have a professional modelling career on the most important runways of fashion

Welcome to my country………..VENEZUELA!!!
Hi, my name is Karen Aliberti and I am Miss Tourism Venezuela 2015.
I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Venezuela. As an ambassador for tourism for my country and Miss Tourism World I can offer to show the world that my country has everything, beaches, mountains, deserts, snow, jungles and savannahs. We own the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall with a height of 979 meters (3,212 ft). Venezuela is where the world was born and I come from there, from the Guiana Shield which is the most antique rock formation on the planet, I come from a multifaceted country and I am a multifaceted woman that as Miss Tourism World I would give an effort as high as the Angel Falls so that tourism can be as massive as Venezuela.
Come for a visit and see everything Venezuela has to offer for yourself.