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Miss Tourism Puerto Rico 2014

Mariann Medina La Fontaine


Welcome to my country………..PUERTO RICO!!!

Hi, my name is Mariann Medina La Fontaine and I am Miss Tourism Puerto Rico 2014.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Puerto Rico, my country is known as the island of enchantment. Its 100 x 35 are visited by many people around the world wanting to know different ecosystem you can enjoy in a single island. Beautiful beaches such, as Playa Flamenco is known for its soft white sand crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by green mountains and palm trees and adorned with beautiful coral reefs. The most visited lakes are located in the center of the island. Boat rides and recreational fishing in them is emphasized. East of Puerto Rico is El Yunque National Forest is the only tropical rain forest in the national forest system in the United States. The flora and fauna found in the forest is a whole spectacular for all who visit. South of the island is desert Guanica dry, hot weather. The flora and fauna that live there have adapted to high temperatures and low rainfall showers. The west of the island is visited by many people for their businesses, restaurants and social life as well as its beautiful beaches and activities for all who visit. To the north of the island we find the story and walls of “El Morro”, walls that keep the history of the beginning of the colonization of the island, its customs and culture can be found in the capital city San Juan in the north of the island.

Come for a visit and see everything Puerto Rico has to offer for yourself.