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Miss Tourism Malaysia 2015

NAME: Sherlyn Goh
OCCUPATION: Business Development Manager
INTERESTS: Travelling, diving, dancing and singing
AMBITION IN LIFE: To become someone in this world who is able to help, motivate and inspire others

Welcome to my country………..MALAYSIA!!!
Hi, my name is Sherlyn Goh and I am Miss Tourism Malaysia 2015. I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Malaysia. I will certainly contribute full heartedly my time, effort and sincerity to help promote my country’s tourism as and when I am needed in the tourism industry.
I will devote my best ability to work closely with the Government and private sectors for events related to tourism in order to explore the local tourism worldwide to attract foreigners to visit and discover the beauty of Malaysia. By promoting Malaysia’s tourism, I strongly believe that this will definitely help to create harmony, culture exchange and unity amongst the people worldwide.
It is with great pride that I am representing Malaysia whilst the Miss Tourism 2015 World Final is held in my country.
Come for a visit and see everything Malaysia has to offer for yourself.