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Miss Tourism Guyana 2014

Jyoti Hardat


Welcome to my country………..GUYANA!!!

Hi, my name is Jyoti Hardat and I am Miss Tourism Guyana 2014.

I am proud to be a Tourism Ambassador for Guyana. As an ambassador for tourism for my country and for Miss Tourism World, I plan to use my title to showcase the beauty of my country as I invite everyone to experience the richness of our culture, share our history of how we became the great nation that we are! I would also showcase the Miss Tourism World pageant by embracing the opportunities it provides such as making connections with our many sister countries to learn about their history, their culture, values and use it to grow together as one people of our beloved planet Earth. I want to use these opportunities to show our fellow man that despite our distances and differences, our countries are more alike than we know yet unique in every way. Tourism is important for the growth of a country and by making everyone aware of what each country has to offer, I believe that more ties can be made for the benefit of all.

Come for a visit and see everything Guyana has to offer for yourself.